Ahsoka: Struggling in the Shadows of Star Wars Legacy

The Star Wars TV show “Ashoka” made a thick line between both die-hard fans and normal viewers who just watch shows for entertainment.

The opening episodes were all about Ashoka Tano the role was played by Rosario Dawson. He is a former Jedi apprentice that follows her master Anakin Skywalker to a dark side that is full of mysteries and danger.

She plays the role of a mentor, a vigilante, who is in a post-empire galaxy. Her mission is to find out and defeat the Grand Thrawn, an exiled Empire galaxy that is way more powerful than them.

The show doesn’t seem that entertaining and struggles to show the details. It fails to make the audience stick to their seat.

The show introduces bold characters Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla. The characters go on space adventures. They fight with lots of enemies in their way and defeat them.

The show is full of action although it lacks a solid story. It lacks the fun that Star Wars is known for. Currently, the show is being criticised and failed to impress the audience. It is receiving negative ratings even from its die-hard fans. Although some fans are still rating it high, the majority of them did a negative rating.

Now let’s see if Stars Wars come back with a good story full of action

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