Mason Greenwood has to leave after his club Man Utd investigation

Who thought Mason Greenwood had to leave his club too soon? Both the Manchester United franchise and Mason Greenwood himself have mutually agreed that Greenwood will no longer be a part of the franchise. There is a six-month investigation into his conduct.

The franchise has already launched a probe as there is a high chance that Greenwood will be arrested for rape and assault. He was charged and dropped in February of this year.

Police arrested the footballer in January, this year when the audio file and images were circulated on the internet. The franchise says it is unlikely to continue their contract after such incidents, they told this in a statement.

As you would be aware after getting arrested he said, “did not do the things I was accused of” although he had accepted that United’s decision was “best for us all.”

ESPN has been informed from various sources that Greenwood will remain on full pay and the club will work to secure him in another club although the franchise will not allow him to train at Carrington.

His statement said: “His statement read: “I fully accept I made mistakes in my relationship, and I take my share of responsibility for the situations which led to the social media post.

“Today’s decision has been part of a collaborative process between Manchester United, my family, and me. The best decision for us all is for me to continue my football career away from Old Trafford, where my presence will not be a distraction for the club.”

United CEO Richard Arnold had also told that Greenwood has to leave after Greenwood and the franchise statement.

He told with an open letter to supporters: “transparent with our fans about the process and the reasons for our decision.”

He also said: “While I am satisfied that Mason did not commit the acts he was charged with, Mason’s accepted that he has made mistakes which he takes responsibility for,” Arnold wrote.

“I am also mindful of the challenge that Mason would face rebuilding his career and raising a baby together with his partner in the harsh spotlight of Manchester United. Further, this case has provoked strong opinions, and it is my responsibility to minimise any distraction to the unity we are seeking within the club.

“Although we have decided that Mason will seek to rebuild his career away from Manchester United, that does not signal the end of this matter. The club will continue to offer its support both to the alleged victim and Mason to help them rebuild and move forward positively with their lives.”

Now let’s see what happens later.

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